Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis paper
Anne Solomon
Industrial/Organizational Psychology/PSY435
Professor Rockel Etienne
May 2, 2011
Job Analysis paper

The purpose of job analysis is the studying and evaluating what a job entails; describing precisely the skills needed and the qualifications to fulfill the job position accurately. Job analysis is when most personnel functions because the methods of any job need to be precise. For example, in a job position the duties of that position should be clearly stated. Therefore, the job analyst would need to observe a person in the current position. This can be helpful as well in determining what skills and requirements are necessary to ...view middle of the document...

Various types of information are collected in a variety of ways; observations, participation, existing data, interviews, surveys, and job diaries. Observation consists of the analyst taking notes while observing a person currently performing the duties of this position. The observer may use a video camera to tape the individual performing the duties that a person with this particular job does. This information can be documented but only what is viewed by the observer can be documented because unless the person being observed verbalizes what he or she is doing then some of the information may not be documented. Furthermore, the observing should coincide with the same time of day as the position he or she is documenting for to avoid differences in duties versus time of day. Paraeducators are observed on-the-job with their full-inclusion student.
Participation refers to an analyst that performs the duties of the position being analyzed. This gives a direct account of a job because the analyst has performed these duties. He or she can relate the tasks directly on to paper. Some may say this is the best way because sometimes this is the only way one could acquire an exact understanding of a task that is included in a job. The case worker is the person that the paraeducator reports. A case worker oversees all the full-inclusion students at any given school site and holds a credential in special education. This becomes a specific understanding of what is expected from a paraeducator and has a written description of what the job of a paraeducator entails.
Each paraeducator also keeps a job diary. This is mainly in case of an absence of the paraeducator, and a substitute is called in. The substitute can look for the “sub folder” and see the daily schedules. Many of the full inclusion students have extra services such as speech, occupational therapy, and Resource Specialist Program (RSP) and therefore have a set schedule for each day. It is important to have this information in one place so that anyone who needs to take over can look at it and know where that student needs to be and when. The job diary also has the vital information regarding the full- inclusion student’s diagnosis. Each FI student has a different reason for needing a paraeducator and has different needs. The job diary should state certain behaviors and how to deal with these behaviors. Most of the time the paraeducator is there to assist the student in learning how to cope in a regular classroom setting not to cover up for any mishaps. It is the paraeducators goal to have the FI student more independent.
Performance appraisal refers to the created process of “evaluating worker performance in comparison to certain...

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