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Job Analysis Paper

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Job Analysis Paper

Job Analysis Paper
Job Analysis of Probation Officers
This paper will provide some insight on the functional job analysis for a probation officer, it will discuss how a functional job analysis can be used within this organization, it will go on to evaluate the reliability and validity of a functional job analysis, this paper will also evaluate different performance appraisal methods and how they might be applied to a probation officer, this paper will conclude by explaining the various benefits and vulnerabilities of each performance appraisal method concerning the job of a probation officer.
Probation Officer: Functional Job Analysis
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The Reliability and Validity of Functional Job Analysis
Essentially, for probation/parole placements to be useful the company should have a dependable and valid system. Functional job evaluation is time-consuming and costly; however the task of probation and parole officials needs highly trained staff with extensive coaching and track record of information and particular skills. The dependability of functional job evaluation correlates with the credibility of functional job evaluation as well. In case dependability has got a higher mean, this will assist support the credibility of the job evaluation. Studies indicate job analysis rankings are fairly dependable (Spector, 2008). Furthermore, the credibility is dependent upon evaluating different ways or sources of information. The credibility describes the possibility and the usefulness of functional job evaluation.
Appraisal Methods for Probation Employees
Consequently, the evaluation techniques are good for the workers and companies, when a worker is employed by the Department of Corrections to work like a probation official getting awards for hard-work and effort is expected. Doing work in the criminal justice or department of corrections and getting performance evaluations is an approach utilized in functional job evaluation. Hard work must not go unnoticed. The evaluation system is created to assess an employee’s efficiency, to increase, and maintain a good work ethic. The evaluation technique works for the worker as well as company. In Mississippi, the Department of Corrections organization gets the quality, quantity, cost, and time of worker efficiency this assists to know human development. In addition to that, worker development is managed through the coaching division at the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Workers are needed to carry out forty hours of different exams and lessons to maintain their position (MDOC, 2011). Nevertheless, work efficiency does allow for a few workers that do well to get raises as well as promotions. In the Department of corrections employee rewards which is generally money as for most companies is given at or during worker annual assessment. Rewards and promotions demonstrate employee growth by way of efficiency and also assist companies for example the division of corrections in carrying out job evaluation.
Benefits and Vulnerabilities of Performance Appraisal Methods
Even though evaluation techniques have got advantages, vulnerabilities, and conflict take place also. Based on the evaluation technique, the company and worker are essential, but making certain the workers have the coaching to fulfill requirements for growth and company growth is important. However the management decisions include a lot of rewards and expectations....

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