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Job Descriptions Essay

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Job descriptions is a communication tool used to seek the “brightest, most competent, flexible, reliable, multifaceted,” (Heathfield, 2012) experienced individual to maintain the organization’s success. However, job descriptions have their downside such as the information becoming dated, listing too high of an education or experience or failing to list a specialized skill set, and quoting low salary, too vague, and immeasurable expectations. “The best job descriptions are living, breathing documents that are updated as responsibilities changes”
Job Analysis
Job analysis is the process of developing a thorough understanding of the various attributes of the position. You can use
Worksheet 1, Job Analysis Form (pp. 5-6), to help guide the
job analysis process and organize your results. A complete job
analysis should provide you with information on the:
1. Duties or responsibilities of the job: those tasks that
are performed, the types of decisions the person in the
position ...view middle of the document...

Job Design
As you develop a job description, you also need to consider
how the position will relate to other positions in the business.
This is part of the job design. In addition to considering how
the position relates to other positions in the business, job
design also addresses the organization of the work flow, how
the position will help meet your business requirements, and
the personal needs of the job holder. As you think about job
design, ask yourself questions such as:
1. Can you find ways to make the flow of work more
2. Is more than one person capable of performing a
critical job?
A well-developed job description is based upon the company’s needs, vision, mission statement, and business forecast. In creating a job description human resources management and the controller needs a clear understanding of the position and what the hiring manager is seeking. The typical layout would be the history of the company, name of company, location, base pay, and employee type - meaning full-time, part-time or temporary the type of industry, management of others, job type - meaning if the position is Administrative, Real Estate, Management, or Sales. There will also be a list of requirements such as education and experience, travel is another component as to whether or not the applicant will be traveling 5% to 50% of the time. For out-of-state applicants there will be a listing for relocation, and it would state whether or not relocation is applicable during the recruiting process.

Human resource management retrieves job descriptions from a job analysis or market research database that lists different types of jobs based on the companies industry. “An understanding of the competencies and skills required to accomplish needed tasks, and the needs of the organization to produce work” (Heathfield, 2012). Human resource management uses this database as a guide to compare with other companies within the same industry to ensure fair alignment in regard to salary and job requirements. The hiring manager will participate in adding any additional skill requirements if the position is specialized. In addition, the job description protects the company legally to demonstrate why the candidate selected for a position was the most qualified and suited applicant.

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