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Job Evaluation Method:
The essence of compensation administration is job evaluation and the establishment of the pay structure. Let’s now turn our attention to the topic of job evaluation. By job evaluation we mean using the information in job analysis to systematically determine the value of each job in relation to all jobs within the organization. In short, job evaluation seeks to rank all the jobs in the organization and place them in a hierarchy that will reflect the relative worth of each. There are four general job evaluation methods.
Ranking method
The description of each job being evaluated and arrange the jobs in order according to their value to the company. This method requires a committee – typically composed of both management and employee representative – to arrange join a simple rank order from highest to lowest. No ...view middle of the document...

Factor comparison method:
In this the entire job in mind as they evaluate; instead, they makedecisions on separate aspects, or factors, of the job. A basic underlying assumption isthat there are five universal job factors:
(1) Mental Requirements.
(2) Skills.
(3) Physical Requirements.
(4) Responsibilities.
(5) Working Conditions.
The committee first rank each of the selected benchmark jobs on the relative degree of difficulty for each of thefive factors. Then, the committee allocates the total pay rates for each job to each factor based on the importance of the respective factor to the job. A job comparison scale ,reflecting rankings and money allocations, is developed next. The raters compare each job, factor by factor, with those appearing on the job comparison scale. Then, they place the jobs on the chart in an appropriate position.
Point method:
The numerical values to specific job components, and the sum of these valuesprovides a quantitative assessment of a job’s relative worth. The point method requiresselection of job factors according to the nature of the specific group of jobs beingevaluated. After determining the group of jobs to be studied, analysts conduct jobanalysis and write job descriptions. Next, the analysts select and define the factors to beused in measuring job value and which become the standards used for the evaluation of jobs. Education, experience, job knowledge, mental effort, physical effort, responsibility,and working conditions are examples of factors typically used. The committeeestablishes factor weights according to their relative importance in the jobs beingevaluated, and then determines the total number of points to be used in the plan. A distribution of the point values to job factor degrees is made, with the next step being thepreparation of a job evaluation manual

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