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Job Interview: 7 Answers You Should Not Give

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Job interview: 7 answers you should NOT give

Job interview: 7 answers you should NOT give

If you are going to appear for a personal interview, following are some of the most expected questions you will be asked. Although
these are simple and straight questions yet the way you answer them says a lot about your appropriateness for the position. While most of the times we talk about how one should answer the questions in a personal interview, it is also important to know how one should not answer these questions. The right answer to a question is absolutely dependent on the situation and cannot be carved in stone but knowing the right and wrong approach to answer these questions ...view middle of the document...

You can also analyse the situation and if the interview is going in a light environment, you can also give a light answer to this question for e.g. 'My son is my biggest weakness'.

Job interview: 7 answers you should NOT give

Highlight personal qualities

3. What is your greatest achievement? Wrong approach: I stood first in the merit list for my class Xth board exams. This says that you didn't achieve anything as big as that after class Xth. Right approach: Find an answer to this question in recent past and highlight the personal qualities you needed to achieve it.

Handling difficult situations

5. You do not have all the experience we are seeking for this position. Wrong approach: Getting nervous and saying 'I'll learn, sir'. Right approach: Do not get uncomfortable if you do not have all the experience required for the position and also it is important that you do not behave as a 'Job Beggar'. The recruiter has a 'need' and you could be a 'possible solution'. Match you skills and personal qualities with the job requirement and say that you have most of what it takes to perform this job. However, every new job needs a person to learn something new and you are quite good at picking up new things fast. You can back this up with an example from your previous jobs where you picked up new things.

Never badmouth your boss

4. Why do you want to quit your present job? Wrong approach: I am not liking the work environment or my boss is not good or the salary they...

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