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Job Passion And Employee Performance Essay

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The Research Questions
This empirical deductive research by Ho et al (2011) tried to develop a concrete generalization of the term "job passion" especially in the work context. Job passion was differentiated from other job attitudes such as; motivation, job satisfaction, job involvement and identification, workaholism and organizational commitment. They wish to also corroborate with other research on its different types - "harmonious and obsessive passion" and to further examine the effect of these types of job passion on work performance. By examining this effect, the authors want to justify that it is enhanced through the interaction of some mental elements called "cognitive engagement ...view middle of the document...

Job passion has been conceptualized as being of two types; "Harmonious passion and Obsessive passion" (pg. 29). Harmonious passion is the "motivational force" that prompts one to work and creates a sense of fulfillment in the activity (Vallerand et al., 2003 cited in Forest et al., 2011:28), the individual is able to balance both work and social life (Ho et al., 2011). Obsessive passion on the other hand, makes the individual feel the demands to engage in the activity whereby neglecting other areas of their life (Ho et al., 2011).
Based on "role investment theories", it is expected that work performance will be influenced by Cognitive engagement - "psychological presence and focus at work" which comprises of absorption and attention (p. 31). Absorption is the level of focus put into one's work, the "quality" of effort or concentration applied into the job, total concentration in the job without being easily distracted while attention is merely the amount of mental element put into work per time, the "quantity" of resources exerted on the job (p. 32). Absorption and attention though different in intensity of focus, they are closely related because both has the underlining "motivation to act" (Rothbard, 2001:657)
Using "theories of behavioral pattern and human information processing" the authors want to establish that the amount of cognitive ability on a job produces better performance (Ho et al., 2011:33). Four varied hypotheses were formulated to support their assumptions. (See Appendix)

Research Methodology
The research was both theoretical and empirical, in that a deductive approach was employed to establish a generalization of the term "job passion". It tested job passion, its two different forms and cognitive engagement as independent variable, work performance as a dependent variable which was obtained from employee's performance appraisal. To investigate their proposed model of a causal relationship between job passion and work performance, they carried out a quantitative cross sectional survey via questionnaires with 509 full-time employees of an insurance firm ranging from all hierarchical levels which was equally statistically analysed. The effective response rate was 71 percent. The formulated hypotheses were analysed using various confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) to test its adequacy and also the Chi-square to assess its best fit.
Two issues are questionable in the methods engaged; the performance appraisal obtained may not have been carried out objectively. Also, a cross-sectional survey rarely denotes a cause and effect relationship which the research sought to examine.

The Results
The research was proven successful in conceptualizing job passion as having two forms - harmonious and obsessive and that this can be exhibited in the work context and not only in other leisurely activities (like sport, games, etc.). It differentiated these two forms as it relates to their effect on work performance.
The research prove that the...

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