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Job Specification Ttc Principal Essay

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Principal TTC Hunar Foundation Multan
Source – page 6 Careers – DAWN Newspaper 01 May 2016

Assignment 3
Instructor Ms. Zil e Huma
HRM Course Summer 2016

Form HRIF 02A

Job Specification – TTC School Principal
Reporting to Secretary School Board of Management Hunar Foundation
Responsible for 6 staff of Supervisor grade
Special requirements: Not to be overweight or suffer from any handicaps / diseases



Age over 40

Med Cat A


BE/ B-Tech with15 years as Head of Institute for
Technical trades to include 5 years hands on
instructional experience
Experience of planning and managing budgets
with Knowledge of ...view middle of the document...


Wisdom to use Blended Learning and innovate to improve
the classroom and practical learning environment


Demonstrate approach to work that is
characterised by commitment, motivation, energy
and flexibility

Ability to work flexibly in a small team, building strong
day-to-day relationships with colleagues.

Working Collaboratively
with others,

Have the innovation and energy to facilitate
change via transaction and transition

Involving and empowering others in a team work


Provide educational leadership and sound

Ensuring the best and the only concept


Be able to empower others and form collaborative
relationships with keenness to work inclusively
with the staff, Board of Trustees, parents/ and
wider community.

Positive desire to excel in areas of trust, Experience in
managing events and conferences,


Excellent skill in bounce back strategy

Highly adaptive with ability to relate to people from
diverse cultural backgrounds and establish good working

Customer Focus

Student, Parent , Teacher centric approach

Student and Technology orientation

Commercial approach

Understanding & Forecasting market needs and
catering to the demands

Ability to develop industry / Academia linkage

Assignment completed by 61169 Khan K.Shamshad student of MBA Aviation
submitted on 16 June...

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