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Job Working For The Gov Essay

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Job Application
What is your citizenship status? Are you willing to relocate to the Washington, DC area? Are you currently living/working outside the United States or its territories? Are you planning to travel outside the United States or its territories in the next year? Do you authorize us to share your resume with other elements of the federal government for employment purposes? How did you learn about this web site? US Citizen Yes No Yes Yes I went straight to the CIA website

Preferences and Expertise
Preference Salary Preferences Is salary negotiable? Work Preferences Travel Preferences Additional Job Information $40,000.00 Yes Full Time Frequent Domestic and Foreign ...view middle of the document...

e. running with a full body suit in a required time Alarm response tactics American Polygraph Association?s Standards & Principles of Practice Analog polygraphs Analyze multiple pieces of information to form logical, sound conclusions Apply appropriate level of force as dictated by situation based on all laws Apply standard procedures to clearly defined problems Apply structured analysis methods to data to determine variability Apply structured analysis methods to data to establish trends Appropriate deployment & use of canines in the Force Continuum Assume a role of authority as necessary Be alert & aware in constantly changing, potentially high-risk environment Behavior analysis Build & sustain liaison relationships with external law enforcement Canine training Certified & accredited examiner under Federal Polygraph Standards 5210.48 Chart analysis Clearly convey information so that others understand & retain the message Computerized polygraphs Concepts, methods & idioms of modern science & technology Conduct self-assessment of performance & seek feedback from others Conflict resolution techniques Consistently demonstrate a strong customer service orientation Convey technical ideas clearly to the recipient or audience Create secure environments in both domestic & foreign locations Culture & its impact on communication (socio-linguistic cultural awareness) Culture of the country(s) where the target language is spoken Current & emerging polygraph technologies Data visualization specialist Develop trust & credibility with colleagues & employees Develop work environments that motivate employees to perform Economy of the country(s) where the target language is spoken Elicit information from reluctant sources Elicit information in difficult & sensitive situations Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) of 1988 Explosives, their make-up & effects Foreign media, to include understanding of environment, trends & impacts Full disclosure polygraph Handle maps, foreign acronyms, & poor quality documents History of the country(s) where the target language is spoken

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Identify & obtain valid information from a variety of sources Identify false response factors to ensure an unbiased polygraph record Identify hidden agendas that might interfere with issue resolution Identify problems; determine accuracy & relevancy of information Influence through persuasive statements Infrastructure, culture & customs of foreign countries Intelligence Community (IC) elements, functions, & requirements Interact with individuals from diverse values, cultures, or backgrounds Interpret & apply law enforcement procedures & security regulations Interviewing techniques Justify reasons for actions taken in a situation Law enforcement & police techniques Lift 75 lbs over a 6 ft wall Listen, read, & understand in an applicable foreign language Maintain CPR, first aid & safety certifications Maintain positive professional relationships with all constituencies Maintain the...

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