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Jobs In The Ict Sector Essay

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Jobs in the ICT sector

From using research through websites on the internet and I have this list of them in all aspects of every job like I have the IT Technician to a Liberian.
In the ICT world there are a lot of factors that come into being a Technician or any other job involved with ICT, skills that have been developed through time will be highly praised to interviewer and obviously increase the chances of you getting a job.
From the website I have visited the average wage a graduate should expect to earn is £24-27K per year. It can be as little as £8000 but through time depending on your progress it can go up to about £37000.

Telecoms are a huge part of employer in the in the ...view middle of the document...

Qualification Needed – A lot of people who know that they want a life in the ICT industry will do ICT in Secondary at GCSE then at A level in College or Sixth Form, which will both give you grades at the end of the course. People will often go through the degree and expand their qualification in the subject to create more opportunities for themselves as a standout applicant for a job, but from school you can take up ICT apprenticeship or Traineeships that apply you with the training that is suitable at any ICT job, and it doesn’t only apply you with the grades you need but also experience. College courses for ICT can be found in almost every College, School or university; there are many courses that can be taken throughout all of these, such as Administration and Information Technology, Computing, Computing (Software Development or Technical Support), Computing Engineering, Computer Networking and Information Technology these are done from level 1 to level 3. These are the main courses that have most enrolments to do with ICT around the UK.
Chances in the North East – At Newcastle College there is a couple of courses that can be taken for ICT computing, there is Level...

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