Jobs In The Music Industry Essay

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Jobs In The Music Industry

There are lots of different roles within the music industry that makes it run successfully. There are jobs behind the scenes that get overlooked. For example, festivals won’t be festivals without an audience. So the festival organisers have to ask the bands to perform and they have to promote the festival in order for people to buy tickets and turn up. There is more to music than going up on to a stage and playing because there is a lot more planning that goes into it than people think.

Live Performance

In live performance, an artist must take marketing and advertising of the event into consideration. The best and most effective way to advertise an ...view middle of the document...

So one department might be controlling lights and another department control volume.

In performing arts, front of house is a part of a performance venue that is open to the public. In theatre, the front of house manager looks after ticket sales, refreshments and makes sure the auditorium is set out properly.

Performing rights are the right to perform music in public. It is part of the law and it demands money to the producer/lyricist and publisher. Performances are classed as public when they are showed and performed in bars, restaurants and anywhere that is outside. Public performance includes television, radio etc. The permission to publicly perform a song must be authorized from the copyright holder or a collective rights organization.

Record Companies

An indie label is a record label that is independently funded. Indie labels range from home based hobby labels to highly profitable, large businesses. In the 1990s, the line between indie labels and major labels began to merge somehow, and now some large indie labels are distributed by the Big Four major labels.

Indie labels are constantly facing an uphill battle as they lack the financial ability that major record labels possess. Although many have survived, some have died out because of the lack of artists that have been signed by them and the financial side limiting what they can do.

Often, a major record label is also a publishing company that manages brands and trademarks. It also can conduct talent scouting and development of new artists and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers.

Music Publishing Companies

Artist & Repertoire was made when it was rare for artists to write their own material....

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