John And Elizabeth Procter's Relationship Essay

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‘Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play’

In the Crucible John Proctor and Elizabeth’s relationship changes a lot. At the start it is awkward and tender. Their conversations are of nothing interesting and they are clearly avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’, which is John’s affair with Abigail. However, by the end of Act 2, when Elizabeth is accused, John is constantly trying to protect her from being taken by Hale and Cheever and Herrick. They also back each other up constantly, making sure that neither of them falls into the trap of being able to be accused of being a witch because of what they say.
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They are avoiding the subject because they both feel guilty about the situation. John feels guilty because he is the one who committed the adultery whereas Elizabeth feels guilty because she feels that she wasn’t a good enough wife to John. Because of their guilt, both John and Elizabeth try to please the other one. John offers to ‘buy George Jacob’s Heifer’ and when he compliments her stew she ‘blushes with pleasure’. Although the Heifer and the stew are gifts to appease their guilt they are both ask whether it would ‘please’ the other one. This tells us that they are both unsure of each other and shows us that if they don’t know what pleases the other one then they either don’t know each other very well or they are so guilty about the affair that the both have become unsure of themselves around the other. I believe that it is the latter.

Although, however cautious and unsure of each other when they are together, when one of them is in trouble the other will instantly spring to their side. When Cheever, Herrick and Hale come to arrest Elizabeth, John comes to her side and defends her as much as he can by asking questions for proof, ‘On what proof, what proof?’ and by threatening Cheever, ‘Out with you’ ‘Out of my house!’ This shows that he still loves Elizabeth as he is fighting to keep her and not to let them take her. We can also tell this from the way he reacts to her being taken at the end and how he turns on Mary Warren and forces her into trying to save Elizabeth. ‘You’re coming to the court with me, Mary. You will tell in it in the court’. Also when Mary Warren mentions John’s affair he has a ‘deep hatred of himself’. This tells us that he despises what he did with Abby and probably wishes that he could turn the clock back and...

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