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The Assassination of President Kennedy - Two Points of View

One of the greatest tragedies in our nation’s history, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, has also been one of the greatest mysteries of the past forty-seven years. There have been two deeply contested beliefs regarding how the assassination was completed. One is that this was the action of a single gunman and the other that their were two or more gunmen. Another key debate has been who was behind the assassination. This debate carries a wide spectrum of possibilities; was this done by one single demented man, a domestic organized crime ring, an opposing foreign government, or could it have even been carried ...view middle of the document...

Certainly as time has passed great advances in technology have taken place which aid this investigation. However, Dr. Chambers has taken a “neutral” position in his investigation by relying on ballistic and scientific facts rather than “what might be best for our country’. This is quite contrary to the movements of the Warren Commission appointed shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy by our new President Lyndon B. Johnson.
As President Johnson appointed the members of the Warren Commission, he selected leaders from all three branches of the federal government and some government agencies from both political parties. During this period of our history, our government enjoyed an extremely high degree of confidence from the American people. Therefore, he picked men of the highest degree of credibility. This devastating event needed investigated quickly in order to calm the country as well as foreign governments. After all we were in an intense “cold war” with the only other superpower on the planet. When the Warren Commission was assembled one of its members was former President Gerald R. Ford who at that time was a member of the House of Representatives from Michigan. While serving on the Warren Commission, Former President Ford admittedly doctored some evidence to support the idea of a one gunman assassination. His reasoning for his actions were simply he felt the one gunman scenario was best for the country to finally put this tragic event to rest.
This of course was not the only flaw with the Warren Commission. Each of the men appointed by President Johnson had full time jobs, some did not want to be on the commission at all, and most left all the work to junior level assistants. This is critical in that certainly the purpose of this commission was to investigate the facts and find the truth regarding the assassination of President Kennedy. However, the Warren Commission was destined for failure. Yet, has been the focal point for the widely accepted theory of one gunman. The Warren Commission and their conclusion of one gunman never really had a chance to stand the test of time. As we know now, former President Ford altered some physical evidence to support one gunman, the commission members gave very sparingly of their time and talents, and they lacked the scientific advances in criminal investigation that we now have.
However, as recently as 1982 the National Academy of Sciences assembled a Committee on Ballistic Acoustics to re-examine the findings of a 1979 House Committee that disproved the one gunman theory held by...

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