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John F Kennedy Essay

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I watched JFK and was very surprised, I had not seen it before and thought it was about the life of John F Kennedy whilst he was in the White House but it was not. It was about his assassination and what followed, how everyone was so quick to call it an attack by a lone gunman but how evidence could point toward a conspiracy. The characters were well introduced and the accuracy of detail was very good. The facts were laid were laid out and the way of life in the 1960's was quite accurately shown. The way the characters smoke and drank during the day, at home, on airplanes and in the work environment, and also the attitudes of the white population towards the African Americans and ...view middle of the document...

A lot of them were “discouraged” from registering by their employers and some were given tests to see if they were “capable of voting.” These tests were extremely hard for African Americans to pass because they, for the most part , had attended schools that were substandard and thus did not have the same education level as whites. Democratic presidents like Kennedy and his successor Johnson helped pave the way for African Americans to vote, and after Kennedy's assassination Johnson started his “Great Society” which promoted minority rights in employment, housing, healthcare and over social aspects.. There were numerous examples of the civil rights movement in this film, the one that stood out, to me, was when an older white southerner stated how it was wrong that “Niggers had the vote.” That illustrated how hard it had been for the minority population to gain their rights. (891-893)
Kennedy was elected by a very slim majority, this was with much needed help from the African American communities who helped offset the 52% of the white vote that Richard Nixon received, A lot of the white voters believed, for this reason, that Nixon should have won since African American's should not have had the right to vote. Kennedy was young, Catholic and energetic. He exuded energy and idealism making himself more appeal able than his opponent Richard Nixon. However, Kennedy did not act on all his campaign promises, much like politicians of today, he did nothing for “Racial justice” until late in his term. He also had economic plans but failed to live to see them reach fruition. His “New Economics”, tax cuts designed to boost the economy and reduce unemployment worked and contributed to the greatest economic boom since World War II. His critics point out, however, that the economy's growth alone would not eliminate poverty and the tax cuts only benefited the wealthy. Kennedy's assassination was either the work of a lone gunman or a conspiracy headed by one of two groups, ultraconservative Texans who disagreed with his politics or communists who supported Castro. The Warren commission filled twenty six volumes from their investigation but because of errors and omissions there has always been that conspiracy theory. ( 894-896)
The Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis were repeatedly mentioned in the film. The Bay of Pigs was a humiliation for Kennedy in that the C.I.A trained over a thousand Cuban exiles and, after arming them helped them land at the Bay of Pigs on the south side of Cuba. The Cuban people however, did not join with the exiles and Kennedy refused to send the military to aid them. The end result was the massacre of the exiles and Castro leaning more towards communism. (934-935). This problem increased when Cuba allowed the USSR to place nuclear missiles on the island. Kennedy launched a blockade of Cuba and warned the Soviet Premier Nikita...

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