Joining The Benedictine Community Essay

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Growing up I was always goal oriented, very determined and a hard worker. Coming for an Egyptian background, one does not have to work until they are done with their schooling completely. However after moving to the United States and once I started college I became in need of working. Even then I was first a student and then a part time worker. School was always my main focus. After my dad lost his job repeatedly and my mom's hours have been cut drastically, it became very hard to support our family. On top of that, my brother graduated high school and went to NIU. With no financial help for my brother and me the situation became even more difficult. I had to increase the number of hours I ...view middle of the document...

Not only that I was not prepared for the test I am taking, but also was not learning the material I will need for the next test. It was harder than I thought, but I still knew that I had to be working at least to stay in school. I asked to work less hours, but it was kind of too late. It was already midterm and the tests just kept getting harder. It didn't help that I missed out on fully understanding and mastering the foundation for the more complex lessons. The closer it was to Thanksgiving and Christmas, we were asked to work more days and whoever didn't participate was simply fired. It was tiring mentally and physically. I was always stressed out and just running out of time. Even writing those words now don't explain the situation and what I was feeling at the time. Things were falling apart infront of my eyes. Up until the last minute, I was trying to stay in most of my classes hoping for a miracle. However, I decided to drop out of Physics and Immunology and just try to focus on the others. Most of the tests were cumulative and way harder than the ordinary. I took off from work to study and try to get everything together. But I proved to myself that you can't finish what was supposed to be done in a semester in a couple of weeks. Going to these finals was the worst time of my life, I was so nervous and disappointed in myself.
After getting my grades, I understood that I would have to retake chemistry and Genetics and therefore can't take Cell Biology or Biochemistry. I was facing a delima, I couldn't retake any of the classes because they are not offered during the spring or take any other classes either because of the prerequisites. Because I am a transferred student, there are very specific classes that I have to take. The fact that certain classes are only available at certain time of the...

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