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Journey Of Life Essay

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Journey of Life
Victoria Schoepf
October 21, 2013
Jennifer Thompson

Journey of Life 2
Life starts out as an undetermined journey until the elements of choices are laid in our way. Everyone in life or spirit, will often reflect back on the path or road one has choose to contemplate, with never truly knowing if it we did choose the right or wrong direction. I will compare and contrast the literary works of “The ...view middle of the document...

He once craved both perspectives of the elements that where put in front of him, and now claims that he had chosen the one less traveled road.

Journey of Life 3
“I Used to Live Here Once”, starts with symbolism as, “She was standing by the river looking at the stepping stones and remembering each one,” (Rhy, 1976). A woman is standing at the river remembering the three stepping stones, one, by one. The river being her life journey, and the recollection of the stones commemorating her past life journey. Rhys uses symbolism with certain descriptive words throughout her story. After crossing to the other side she stands on a familiar road and what a “fine day”, a “blue day”, but not recognizing the “glossy” look in the sky. This symbolizes the spirit, (glossy look) of a woman reflecting back on life in a peaceful state, because “blue” is symbolic to at being in a state of peace or found serenity. Not realizing she has died, until the end when speaking to a young boy and girl her at her native home, as the boy points out how cold the air just had gotten. “Hasn’t it gone cold all of a sudden,” (Rhy, 1976). This was the first time she realized that she was in spirit form.
“The Road Not Taken” is about a traveler that has come to the crossroads in his life. He stands at a fork in the road on a fall morning having to decide which choice he will make. He would have really liked to travel both, but also knows, it is totally impossible being one person. “And sorry I could not travel both,” (Frost, 1916). The traveler needs to pick and choose a direction, as he stands there contemplating, observing in depth, and thinking of the different events that may occur from one path to another, “And looked down one as far as I could, To where it bent in the undergrowth;” (Frost, 1916).
The traveler observes the other path just the same as he did the first, intensely. The traveler would really like to see what the other road has to offer, but cannot see past the bend and overgrowth. Still contemplating on which road to follow, he decides the second road is the best choice. …“And having perhaps the better claim,” (Frost, 1916). Still questioning whether the
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roads are similar or different, causing him the contradiction of his impulses; thinking the second road had been less followed, but also observing that many had chosen it also, (Bouchard, J. 2008). “… Had worn them really about the same, (Frost, 1916).”
Life was at an idol speed for that moment of the traveler’s life; he had studied each path intensely and concluded that the choices were of equal importance. While standing there that morning at the fork, (choices) the traveler then comes to...

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