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‘Journey’s End’ is a play written by R.C Sherriff, which looks at the noble and ignoble points about being at war and looks in detail, at the qualities and personalities of five officers in the British Army during World War I. I am going to decide which of these officers I believe would be the best leader of the platoon.

‘Journey’s End’ is made up of a series of scenes in three acts. There is one scene in the first act, two scenes in the second act, and finally three scenes in the third act. The five characters: Hibbert; Trotter; Osborne; Raleigh; and Stanhope, are in a trench on the front line, opposite a German trench. The Germans are expected to attack soon. However, the British ...view middle of the document...

He is popular with the other soldiers and expects only the best out of them. He hates having to send the men out, presumably to their death, but as commanding officer, he has no choice. He has many fears but doesn’t show them. However, on one occasion he admits them to Hibbert in an effort to help him face up to the war and not desert.
“Give me that letter!”
This is when Stanhope forces Raleigh to hand over his letter to his family to inspect what is says. This is an example of Stanhope making sure that his family and his girlfriend don’t find out that he has become a heavy drinker, and is ashamed of this.

Raleigh, I feel, is quite difficult to decide whether he would be a good commander or not. The reason I feel this way is because near the end of the play, his personality and attitude towards the war change completely, and he becomes a new man. During almost all of the play he a young soldier who is keen, honest and loyal.
“I say – it’s most frightfully exciting.”
This shows how Raleigh is naïve and inexperienced as he has never actually been in a battle before, unlike...

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