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Judaism Paper

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At izquotes there is a quote by Ramakrishna that has him saying “When the fruit appears the blossom drops off. Love of God is the fruit, and the rituals are the blossoms.” This quote is stating without rituals, the blossom, there would be no religion, the fruit. In Judaism, ritual plays a big role and it intermingles with what the Jews call “the hallowing of life.” The “hallowing of life” is intertwined with rituals in Judaism and also tangled with the preparing of meat for a meal.
The purpose of “The Hallowing of Life” is simply for people to honor every dimension of life and see it as an occasion for experiencing the sacredness of God’s presence. It’s a belief for ...view middle of the document...

By having these funerals and memorial services it is a way for the families to see or say their last words to their loved one. Rituals like this one are meant to convey actions and feelings when solitude is not bearable, to help ease our pain at a time of great sadness. It also emphasizes the notion that life is sacred even through death. When someone passes away, their life does not stop there. To reverberate the “hallowing of life” in death and in prayer shows that you must show sacredness to all items God as you given you, whether it’s an animal, water, or your life. God has given these to us and he can easily take it back.
Jews perform a specific ritual for the taking the life of an animal. To perform this ritual there are four laws in Judaism that one must follow when preparing meats. The first rule dictates that you should never buy your animals dead, for example buying already prepared ground pork at the supermarket would be a definite no. The second rule prohibits the drinking of blood, so while preparing they will take out most of the circulatory system in the animal. The third rule states that one should never mix dairy and meat. The reason for this is in the Torah it states “You shall not boil a kid in the milk of its mother’s” (Novakpg220). The last rule is the fat underneath the diaphragm, called the ban, must me thrown away never eaten. Also the Jewish perform one last “rule.”...

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