Just Another Day At The Office

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Personal computer (pc) repair technicians and doctors have a lot in common. Patients arrive at the doctor’s door bearing all manner of complaints or problems. I am sure doctors have seen and heard about every type of ignorant stunt a person can think of or do. My name is Skeeter Jones, and I have been a pc repair technician for approximately fifteen years. Like a doctor, I thought I had seen and heard of every crazy stunt imaginable until I received a call from Headaches, Incorporated about a computer crash.

When I arrived at the job site, Lola and Chase, the office and terminal managers, greeted me. “Boy! Are we ever glad to see you,” they both cried in ...view middle of the document...

The tests took me nearly three hours to complete. As I dug deeper and deeper into the computer, I was utterly amazed at how much damage they had wreaked in such a short amount of time and with only an upgrade software kit. “Well guys, it looks as if you have managed to confuse the hell out of this computer,” I told them, “You have two different types of file systems on it now. The machine does not know whether it should be a Windows or NT operating system.”

Chase asked, “Skeeter, are you going to be able to fix it? How long will the repairs take if you can? We have to print out an error check log by Friday.” I said that yes, it could be repaired; but I would have to wipe the hard drive clean and reformat it. He would be looking at two or more days before the computer would be usable again. I explained to Chase and Lola that I would need the AS/400 system CDs from the corporate office to reinstall the network connection. The look that passed between them instantly told me something was amiss.

Chase pulled me aside and in a conspiratorial tone asked, “Is there any other way to get the CDs besides calling the corporate office? I would like to keep them from finding out that we did not have the IT department’s approval for the computer upgrade.” I felt like telling him that he would not be in this mess if he were not trying to skirt around the corporate office in the first place. I thought for a minute and said, “I believe the company upstairs is using the AS/400 system also. They may have the system CDs you need. If so, I can probably borrow...

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