"Just Marvelous, Lewis. Everyone Thoroughly Enjoyed It, Didn't Think It Was Possible, Came Right Out Of Their Shells. They Blossomed, Blossomed!" 'it Is Lewis Who Truly Blossoms In Cosi.' Do You Agree?

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In Louis Nowra’s ‘Cosi,’ the protagonist Lewis is displayed as a character that truly blossoms. Lewis is a character that develops the most in the play as he transforms into a character with great sense of understanding towards love and fidelity. He also displays immense appreciation towards the mental patients and continues to demonstrate compassion towards the inmates. With this being said characters like Julie also blossom as she also illustrates a great sense of love and fidelity but not to the extent in which our protagonists Lewis does, As he is shown to have a greater development.

Lewis is firstly introduced as a character with questionable values on love and fidelity especially ...view middle of the document...

As the directing of the opera continues he displays dedication and connection towards the mental patients, as he develops a stronger relationship between the mental patients showing understanding towards characters like Henry and Roy, For Henry’s patriotism and Roy’s wild ambitions. This evidently depicted when Lucy states to Lewis “working with these people has changed you” it demonstrates how Lewis has progressed to become appreciative and non-judgmental of the mental patients like how he was firstly introduced, which therefore depicts that with understanding and appreciation it is Lewis who truly blossoms.

In Contrasts, Julie also resembled a character that also blossomed in ‘Cosi,’ Julie represents both parts of fidelity as her character is explored through many obstacles within the production of the opera. After her passionate kiss shared with Lewis it complements the title of ‘Cosi’ that ‘woman are like that’ contradicting her views on commitment at first, Furthermore her views on love was always compared to her drug addiction “Some people can’t imagine a life without love,...

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