Just Swinging By Essay

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Rhys Young
Michelle Britt
English 100
12, September, 2012
Just Swinging By
I was just swinging by the bench swing near the amphitheater when I remembered sitting there not too long ago and that I was going to write an essay about that spot. Our class was journaling in the blistering heat writing about that specific area’s feel, noises, sights, smells and even the tastes. Whether these observations were physical or metaphorical it did not matter. This spot is one of the most beautiful and relaxing locations on campus in my opinion and has more meaning than one might imagine. A few of my observations can be related back to the demanding and lavished American culture that we live in, ...view middle of the document...

Environmentalism is an ever expanding field that is necessary for the continuation of the entire world and what is more important for some, American’s way of life. Modern Americans tend to get caught up in their routines and technologies. As I was sitting there, I cannot tell you how many people I saw walking by me like zombies staring at their precious iPhones. I even heard some kid talking to a friend about how he was about to go get high and play some video games. This made me chuckle but it was sad because they did not know what they were missing out on at that moment. The visual aspect of this location and what I witnessed swing by me that day, made me feel connected to nature and disconnected from American culture in a way I had not experienced in what feels like too long.
The sheer beauty and visual appeal of this place was not the only observation that I made. As I sat and swung on the bench I felt the heat from the sun and the humidity of the air all over my body. I was able to ignore the uncomfortableness of the heat and humidity because of the breeze from swinging and the elegance of the location. I touched my pencil to my paper and was writing many observations. I felt the lead from my mechanical pencil slowly disappearing as a swiftly wrote. The led then snapped and shot off into the grass as I must have been writing to intensely. This made me think again of the environment and how humans affect it. One could compare the dwindling of the lead to the environment and nature as a whole where humans are the main reason for any type of loss or misuse. This is not to say that writing with pencil is a sin or anything, the connection is what matters. American culture has developed a somewhat wasteful, living large, unappreciative way of doing things. The world cannot sustain this lifestyle and culture forever without drastic change or huge technological breakthroughs. The world and mainly America or other...

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