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In the poem ‘Disabled’, Wilfred Owen presents life of an injured veteran after the war, he portrays life to be a constant reminder of their traumatic experiences. In my transformation I wanted to highlight how veterans relive their traumatic experiences on daily basis. I conveyed these experiences through Owen’s perspective as he himself was diagnosed with shell shock and was referred to Craig Heart war hospital where many soldiers were treated for shell shock. I chose to write my transformation as a monologue within a play script so I was able to express Owen’s emotion through body language, facial expression, stage positioning and lighting.
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I set the staging of the veteran characters to be overcrowded, this causes a manic atmosphere for the audience. I chose to portray the characters in this way to show the vast amount of shell shock cases that arose during WW1 and the high demand for treatment. I have shown this manic atmosphere through the use of stage directions: ‘stage that is overcrowded with veterans’
I chose to use a ‘blue/grey’ light projected onto the stage and the veterans, as this gives an immediate impression to the audience that where their lives are dull and that life has been drained away. It also creates a cold gloomy atmosphere, which could represent the veteran’s lives. In the scene where Owen comments about how the walls are of a “dreary colour” and how the colourless walls of the hospital reflect the new lives that the veterans will now live and reminds Owen of the non-existent colour in the trenches. I was inspired to write about loss of colour through war from ‘Disabled’ as it says ‘He's lost his colour very far from here’ this implies that the men have lost their identity on the battlefield I thought this use of imagery reflected how the veterans now view life as they won’t experience excitement or new experiences due to the impact of war. I chose to use a power shortage lighting effect when the veterans are startled by the bang of the tray to portray the sight and sound of gunfire, I wanted to show that the flickering of the lights were similar to the sight of gunfire and how it would have an effect disorientating on the veterans. I also wanted to highlight how some loud noises would trigger the men and in some cases would send them into a tremor, I learned this through my research of shell-shock during WW1. To help me understand war neurosis I researched into difference cases of shellshock to further develop my understanding of the condition which helped me to put myself in their position of what life was like living with illness. I analysed shellshock cases of patients being treated and watched documentaries about what life was like living in trenches. Learning about life in the trenches improved my understanding of all aspects about the operation regarding the trench system for instance: regimes the men had to follow, threat of illness from poor conditions and the amount of time the men had to spend there. This research inspired me to reflect the reality and dreadfulness of the trenches in my text through imagery and emotive language.
When I created dialogue for Owen that illustrated how the ‘the young know nothing but war’, I directed Owen to produce his voice in an annoyed manner. This is to show the audience that Owen is annoyed as he feels that the young men are tricked into the army through promised rewards and personal gain. When, actually this isn’t the reality and young men often come back from war permanently injured mentally or physically, or some don’t come back at all.
I have directed the men to perform a freeze frame at a number of...

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