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Justice Systems Essay

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Ryan Coleman
Social Studies 4
April 2, 2008
Justice Systems

A justice system is a set or arrangement of laws ensuring the rightfulness of the citizens. In order to protect the rights of the citizens many civilizations have created different laws and justice systems. Justice systems were used in early civilizations as well as today to keep people well behaved and to ensure there rights. Two examples of justice systems are the Twelve Tables of Rome, and the Justice Systems in Medieval Europe.
The twelve tables were laws and justice systems in Ancient Rome. These laws in Ancient Rome were very similar to today’s laws. These laws were engraved on 12 ...view middle of the document...

In Medieval Europe they had the Justice Systems. This system of law consisted of many ways to prove innocence, such as trial by ordeal, trial by duel, or trial by water. Trial by ordeal is a style of proving innocent or guilt by overcoming an ordeal. The most common ordeals used were finding a pebble in boiling water, holding a red-hot iron bar, and walking through a tunnel of fire. Trial by duel is another way of proving innocent or guilty. The accuser and the accused would battle it out and the loser lost his/her cause. The last common way to prove innocence or guilt was by the trial of water. The trial of water is when the person being accused of a crime jumps into water. If he/she floats she is guilty, but if he/she sinks they are innocent. These trials were used when a citizen committed a crime and there innocence or guilt was not determined by witnesses and evidence. Depending on a persons success during the course of these trials he/she would be declared innocent or guilty.
The Justice systems in Medieval Europe mostly did not protect the citizens, but in some ways they did. This system of law was very harsh. They put citizens that...

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