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Juvenile Crime Paper

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Juvenile Crime Paper

When speaking about the similarities and differences between adult and juvenile court there are many of both. The same process applies between the two of them but the main difference are ways the person can be sentenced, constitutional rights, and the things that they will talk about while in the court room. Another difference between the two is when talking about juvenile court and the precautions that come from that. Youth jails are more for rehabilitating the youth and making them see what they did wrong rather than forcing harsh punishment on them.
Adults have the right to be tried by a judge or a jury of peers, in ...view middle of the document...

Most kids would have an easier way out of crimes unlike adults who would have to face harsher punishment. Most of the time when you are a kid they can argue that you might have not been in the right state of mind at the time of the crime. Being in a detention center is much less of an issue than going to prison.
We talk about the youth differently than we speak about adults. When being in a court room watching a juvenile case rather than an adult case the terms they use might be different at times. In an adult court the outcome of the court case is known as the verdict. A juvenile court case ends with something called adjudication. Adult courts are very serious where juvenile courts can be less strict and more of a learning process for the child. The way they speak to the child would also be different then the way they would talk to an adult. The court process runs similar as a whole but they each have their own processes that make them different.
When you hear someone saying someone is a delinquent it is someone who does not follow by the rules and acts out of place. Juveniles can be known as juvenile delinquents, rather than being a criminal they can be known as their own term. A juvenile delinquent is a person who is under the age of eighteen who has committed a crime in the United States which breaks a law and lacks responsibility. The crimes can range from things like drinking, graffiti, skipping school, or minor things like this. Rather than being known as hard criminals it is much better that they can categorize them as something different.
A “status offense” is a type of crime that is not based upon prohibited actions but stays that the offender might have a certain personal condition. These things called status offense are like children not being able to carry a firearm which is not safe for the child to use. These laws are put into place to protect the youth and make sure they are going to be okay. It shows that things could be different for a child rather than for an adult.
The variables that correlate with juvenile crime rates can be...

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