Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper

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Juvenile Crime Statistics Paper
As Mohandas Gandhi a spiritual leader once said, "If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children." These words speak the truth about where we need to start, concerning making the world a better and safer place. Crimes are committed each day by juvenile offenders. To get a better understanding of why crimes are simply committed by young people we have to evaluate the trends.
Based on the juvenile arrests there was a decrease the previous years of 3%. Juvenile Crimes also fell 2% in the same year. These trends were gathered from the Uniform Crime Report and do ...view middle of the document...

Female juvenile offenders made up about 30% of all juvenile arrests in 2008. Compared to males, female juvenile offenders have not had the same decline in arrests. In aggravated assaults and burglary, Juvenile females’ arrests increased while males decreased. Adults also saw a similar trend in comparison to women and male offenders.
The disproportionate rate of crimes in ethnic groups is clear African Americans are arrested more than any other ethnic group. Hispanic Americans are included in the white ethnic group and still there is a larger amount of African Americans arrested than any other group. The National make up of Americans is 78% white and 16% black. Even with the high amount of White Americans, African Americans are arrested more than any other race.
Assessment of Arrests
The Uniform Crime Report allows us to keep track of what reported crimes are committed. The UCR also allows us to figure out who is committing what crimes and what if any trends are created. Juveniles are a special breed of criminal laws and privileges do not apply...

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