Kairotic Moment Of Gun Control Essay

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Kairotic Moment of Gun Control
On July 20, 2012, The Dark Knight Rises was formally released in the U.S. It could have been a grand festival for Batman fans, unfortunately, the tragedy happened. In the cinema of Aurora, Colorado, a man named James Holmes, who wore a gas mask and dressed up as the super villain in the movie, threw tear gas into the theater and shot at people during the showing of the film. Twelve people were killed and fifty-eight people were injured in the incident. As one of the most serious shooting cases in the U.S., the issue of gun control has once again attracted public attention, rushing people into pro and con camps. The controversy around the issue is whether it is ...view middle of the document...

As a matter of fact, it makes the situation even worse. As more and more people were killed in shooting cases leading to growth of stricter gun control consciousness, many political figures, for instance New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are trying to take an action to address gun issues. However, the article concludes that neither the president nor the presidential candidate or Congress would take any effective measures for the issue of gun control; all of them do not want to get in trouble with the NRA (National Rifle Association), an extremely powerful organization, on this issue.
The second article titled “The Truth about Gun Politics: Many Americans Support Restrictions”, written by Ronald Brownstein, was released in the National Journal Magazine, which is a weekly magazine focusing on political affairs and trend. People who care about politics might subscribe to it. This article states that attitudes of the majority of American people have slowly begun to shift to doubt about the restrictions on gun ownership since the year 2000. Based on the data of Pew polling offered by nonpartisan Pew Research Center, 57% of adults favored major restrictions on gun ownership, while only 34% of adults gave more support to protect gun rights in 1993. Continually through the George W. Bush years, Pew polling illustrated that public opinion still leaned towards restricting gun control than protecting gun rights. However, Obama’s presidency marked a complete reversal of the previous trend, with 49% saying they favor protecting gun rights, and only 45% supporting restrictions on gun ownership. Although the author does not give a fairly clear explanation for the situation, he definitely believes President Obama and the Democrats made no effort in the issue, even after the Colorado mass shooting, still not involving in the gun control issue. The author also shows survey data that indicates that the main points of Democratic coalition...

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