Kapconsultants Marketing Plan Essay

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Harmon’s Home Repair

Nicholas Harmon

Kaplan University

AB209: Small Business Management

Professor Richard Wade

December 17, 2012, Year

Project Deliverables Checklist: (All units)

Place a checkmark here as a reminder that you have completed this particular section of your descriptive business plan!

___Unit 1 (None)

_X_Unit 2 (Business Description, Vision Statement, Mission, and Motivation Statements)

_X__Unit 3 (Description of Products or Services)

_X_Unit 4 (Marketing Plan)

___Unit 5 (None)

_X_Unit 6 (Operational Plan)

___Unit 7 (Management and Organizational Plan)

___Unit 8 (Financial Plan) ...view middle of the document...

In fact, there is absolutely nothing predictable about this business with only one exception: when certain prescribed methods & processes are placed in their proper order the end result is that "visions come true."

Our vision is to follow a strategy of management by objectives. Our progress will be measured in orderly steps to reach a five year plan that will make us the best Home restorer in a five county area. Harmon’s Home Helper’s first priority will be to establish a presence in our community. We will promote good will by supporting projects like Habitat for Humanity and similar worthwhile community projects. By helping those in need we will build a foundation of faith and trust.

Mission Statement (Unit 2)
(This section of the plan should represent a succinct statement detailing the reason(s) for the business’ existence and the guiding principles of the business.)

Harmon’s Home Helper is in business as a professional remodeling contractor dedicated to the satisfaction of the home owner. Our objective is to continue to meet the needs and requirements of discerning clients through our remodeling expertise and specialties, and to keep pace with an evolving and refining remodeling industry. We strive to be equipped to meet the design and construction needs of clients seeking residential additions and alterations to their homes including kitchen & bath remodels, whole house remodels, historical restoration, upgrades and improvements of any type, exterior and interior. Our continued business success and longevity relies on referrals from satisfied clients as we remodel lifestyles through quality home improvements.

Personal Motivation (Unit 2)
Starting a new business involves making many decisions! Since it is critical that the entrepreneur make good decisions, it is a good practice to approach decision making in a consistent and orderly way. Your text authors discuss the basic five-step decision-making process on pages 609-610 as it applies to risk management. At this initial stage of examining your motivation, you can also apply these steps to your own decisions. These are: (1) Identify the issue or problem; (2) Evaluate the alternatives; (3) Select an acceptable alternative; (4) Implement the decision; and (5) Review and evaluate the decision made. In this section, you should briefly discuss your motivations for wanting to own and operate your own business and how you could use each of these decision steps in your own planning process.

There can be several motivations for wanting to start a new business. Money would be the primary reason. Ego could be another motivation. One can say, “Been there, done that” and after the thrill has run its course will move on to the next venture. For me I believe that it’s for the challenge of facing a task that could bring great pleasure and rewards or great financial loss. If this is the case, than one needs to keep his resources close at hand. Learn the art of management by objectives. Each...

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