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The Natural Baby Company

Breyona Sharpnack

Marketing AB219

Andrea Millazzo

November 28, 2011

The Natural Baby Company offers quality organic baby items that support making eco-friendly lifestyle changes (NBC.2011). NBC started out as a diaper store by Kim and Duane Ormsby in 2003 (NBC.2011). Over time, they have expanded their business online, locally and into a whole sale company. NBC supports smaller businesses that promote eco-friendly lifestyle choices (NBC.2011). They create, manufacture and distribute natural baby products internationally.
NBC’s products are aimed towards individuals and ...view middle of the document...

NBC offers products that cover the basic needs of families who have children. They offer clothes, natural baby accessories such as pacifiers, diapers and even items for making your own baby food. The consumer would be motivated to purchase the eco-friendly diapers due to the child’s toiletry needs and protecting the environment. Social needs are met when a person purchases these products. These needs help a person achieve their desire for social acceptance in the community. The purchase of these natural products could affect a person’s esteem to where they would feel good about themselves for reducing their carbon footprint.
The adoption process is the physiological process that a person goes through, when they are trying to make a decision on whether to purchase an item and become a dedicated user (Armstrong&Kotler). When shopping with NBC, the consumer is aware of the environmental impact of using disposable diapers and other baby products that are not environmental friendly. The customer may have heard about cloth diapers, but may not know entirely how to use them. They may not...

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