Keeping Kids Out Of Gangs Essay

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Changing Course: Keeping Kids out of Gangs 1

Changing Course: Keeping Kids out of Gangs
Darnell Evans
Kaplan University

Professor Ann Reich
June 7, 2015

Changing Course: Keeping Kids out of Gangs 2
Due to my field of study, I am sticking with the article titled, “Changing Course: Keeping Kids out of Gangs” by Nancy Ritter, Thomas R. Simon, and Reshma R. Mahendra. Gang membership is dangerous and toxic in general, but a child as a member is heartbreaking. The article expresses the consequences of gang membership and why and where it happens to the children. A senior research associate of the National Gang Center named, “James ...view middle of the document...

A child isn’t always going to have their parents watching them. A child being bullied in school can take a turn for the worse, especially if they do not have any friends. Gangs can use this as a way to trick a child into performing delinquent activities through peer pressure. Low grades can even affect a child’s confidence which could cause poor attendance. Schools should be more aware of the children to make sure that they are safe and eager to learn. Children normally become associated with gangs due to curiosity, protection, false friendship, or the need to gain attention.

Also, law enforcement personnel carry the responsibility to help prevent children from gang membership. I know they are supposed to remain unbiased towards any situation they encounter, but deep down they feel a bit on edge when they have to make the choice to harm a child to ensure that they do not harm anyone else. To prevent a child from being corrupted, the police should take the initiative to find gang locations that wish to recruit and help the...

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