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Keeping Peace And Freedom Essay

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George Bush who is the President of the United States of America came and visited our small town of Flagstaff in September of 2002. As a leader of our country, he reminds the Americans that we should be grateful for our freedom. Through contextualizing, structure, and rhetorical appeals, he gets through to his listeners by reminding us all, that keeping peace and freedom is not an easy job to do. He tells us how lucky we are to have freedom, and what we have to do to keep our “homeland” safe for our children of today. He speaks on behalf of his people, and what he will do to keep his people safe from our enemies who “hate” us, because we choose to be free!

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Hunting the enemies down will not be easy and we will lose some of our people, but they will be honored for their patriotism to protect our country. They will do everything they can to prevent the killers from entering our country to hurt the Americans.

Bush uses a lot of pathos in his speech, such as “Enemy out there which hates America. They hate us because of what we love. We love freedom, and can worship an almighty God anyway we choose to. We hold freedom dear to us. We have got to hunt them down and protect our homeland”. These statements, I believe he uses to reinforce his listeners as to why we just might go to war.

Bush uses ethos as well, such as, “These leaders are the ones that hide in caves, send youngsters to their death. People, who torture their own people, gas their own people with weapons of mass destruction”. Here he is saying that the enemies will do anything they can to destroy other people’s lives.

Bush also uses logos, and these are the facts in his speech. “One-hundred agencies in Washington D.C., has something to do with protecting the homeland”. He also states that, “the other day one of the 20th hijacker popped his head up and he is no longer a threat to the United States of America’. In these statements, he is telling us how they are working together with other agencies, with one thing on their agenda and that is finding ways to protect America. He also tells us how they are doing by keeping us updated on...

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