Kevin Hart Imma Grown Lil Man

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Imma Grown Lil Man”
Every year one of my good friends and I always go to see the best comedians. We always go see Kevin Hart when he comes to the St. Louis it doesn’t matter where he performs at, we’ll always go. Kevin hart is the best comedian hands down. People be straight sleeping on him, they go think that Steve Harvey, and Katt Williams are the only funny ones around. Yea they cool but Kevin hart is hella funny, and you can see where he coming from. It relates to what we as one person do on a regular. It’s funny and hilarious when you can actually see how you and others act on a daily basis.
When Kevin hart came to Saint Louis he performed at the fox. My friend and I go call ...view middle of the document...

The girl steady going on, cuz she think he aint gone hit her. Next thing you know, his hand just come out the middle of know where. And slap her. She start screaming hysterically saying “oh my god he hit me.” Kevin hart was all like now why would she not think he wasn’t gone hit her. I mean she been b#!*^#@n for three hours ill hit her @## too. The crowd went crazy. This man can straight keep your attention b/c he talks about stuff people can relate too.
If you ever been the type of person to see your friend get beat up and you don’t do anything because your just not a fighter. Then you would have loved this act. So Kevin hart starts talking about how he and his friend were at the bar. They were drunk or whatever, and just having fun. So his friend had too much too drink and got into it with another dude at the bar. Things got physical, and a fight broke out. Kevin hart friend got knocked out so bad he got put to sleep. People say this when somebody hit you so hard. But Kevin friend got knocked out. And Kevin didn’t do anything. So when his friend “woke” up from his “nap” he had some words from him. Meaning he had...

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