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Key Initiatives To Enriching Project Management

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In competitive project management environments, initiatives need to carry out, control and drive strategic directions quickly—with development and decision-making efforts at the core of most project strategies. These days, most organizations that incorporate project management as a means to delivering software products, especially means focused on developing with minimal cost towards their go-to-market readiness, need to constantly flexible and continuously improve in response to external market influx. Implementing essential key initiatives, especially those with integrity, is the centerpiece of deploying effective project management procedures. A survey of several essential key initiatives ...view middle of the document...

Developing software is certainly not like constructing buildings which need long analysis phases; the way to deliver benefits quickly is by using the agile software development methodology.
Many agile software development methodologies, such as Extreme Programming and Scrum, are in common practice today. All these share the values of the Agile Manifesto, which lists four fundamental values that governs software development efforts: (1) Individuals and interactions vs. processes and tools; (2) Working software vs. comprehensive documentation; (3) Customer collaboration vs. contract negotiation; and (4) Responding to change vs. following a plan (Batra, 2009, p. 145). In short, it is an adaptive methodology that involves many feedback mechanisms, thereby allowing continuous integration, process improvements and cost reduction.
Organizational Culture must support Project Management Processes
The primary key initiative towards success factors is for the organizational culture to support the project management processes. Organizational culture is not only gauged by the beliefs of an organization, but also by the attitudes and goals that controls how those in the organization react. Though nearly all organizations, no matter the shape, size or complexity, conducts projects of their own — both internal and external. The most successful project rollouts, however, are those embraced by a formal process for management of these projects. So how does a project management group receive buy-in from the culture of the organization?
Disciplined project management is a strong predictor of the success of a project, and perhaps the most important discipline includes a clear project charter (Hill, et al., 2011, p. 52). A formal Project Charter is the prescribed method for not only kicking off a project, but to also relay all the intimate details that will be followed throughout the life-cycle of the project. All projects need to define project charters to set a balance between quality, time and cost as their metrics (Hill, et al., 2011, p. 50). Furthermore, aside from a clearly, defined Project Charter, other measurable metrics must be in place for planning, scheduling, estimating, tracking, reporting and formally acceptance of the project. Project management metrics (project schedules, project control, project closing, etc.) define, measure, analyze, improve and control the stage-gate approach for managing projects (Hill, et al., 2011, p. 52). Without a clear set of metrics, it is difficult to receive buy-in from important stakeholders if they do not have proper visibility into the project’s progress. All in all, a clear Project Charter, coupled with measurable metrics, not only is a good indicator of organizational support, but can also be offered to receive buy-in from high-level stakeholders.
Communication is Essential to Steering the Ship
Another key initiative towards success factors is to clearly communicate all issues, risks or concerns to all that...

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