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Formal Assessment #2
KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food chain founded by Colonel Harland Sanders (1890-1980) in 1930’s during the great depression. KFC is today the world’s 2nd big fast food chain, after Mc Donald’s, with over 18000 outlets all around the world. Like other growing brands KFC too uses social media as a medium to promote themselves and gain popularity, for which they have used many strategies on social media and tackled viral controversies by turning them as a promotion. To grab extra attention they have also tried many campaigns like ‘it doesn’t count if…’, ‘Kintacy Kintacky Kintacky’ campaign on a reality television show called ‘Arab idol’. KFC has also ...view middle of the document...

KFC has used social media efficiently to promote their new meals and have also launched many campaigns like, #howdoyouKFC, a hash tag which was supposed to be used by users while they take their pictures along with their KFC meals and post on social media websites, which were automatically posted to their official KFC website, this gave people a chance to win KFC vouchers. This social media campaign benefitted them in many ways, as it made people buy more KFC, in order to participate, it did not only give them more revenue, but also increase web traffic on their website and social media pages; made new people like their pages and follow them. KFC has also promoted their meals on social media with influential stars like, Football players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, so that their fans consider spending on KFC, if their earlier didn’t. Using celebrities as brand ambassadors benefits KFC from economies of scale as they can use them for advertisements, promotional posters and social media adverts.

After research on social media and in their restaurants, KFC found out that the number of young women visiting KFC is decreasing, duo to their ‘fried chicken’ personality, because of this they ignored KFC’s news, grill chicken meals and their environmental programmes. This made KFC start another social media campaign ‘it doesn’t count if’ and a social hash tag of the same name targeting young women. This campaign first posted a video on YouTube by an anonymous user, without KFC’s name and featuring young British comedian, Jenny Bede. Once audience would have watched the video, audience will have an option to click the link and once clicked, audience would reach KFC’s official website, where there will be a message about KFC’s light meals, doing all this was actually effective as it first showed them a motivational video, where they learn about light meals for the time ‘it doesn’t count’.
Campaign ‘it doesn’t count if...’ turn out to be a success and 3 times more young women started visiting KFC. This was one way how KFC brought young people towards them, who even though are health conscious and ultimately, promoted their grilled meals.

KFC also had a unique promotion campaign, supported by Arab idol, for whom they sponsored a specific episode only. Ahlam Al Shamsi, a judge at Arab idol, out the blue, started screaming for KFC and demanded to be brought to her by KFC to the venue immediately, as she was screaming “Kintacky, Kintacky, Kintacky” in front of the crowd and contestants, it was...

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