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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

Paul Caruso

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Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement

Kudler Fine Foods is a premiere gourmet grocery store established in 1998 by Kathy Kudler in La Jolla, California. Kathy’s vision was inspired by her passion for gourmet food and the inability to complete her gourmet shopping at one location. Kudler Fine Foods gourmet shopping experience intends to offer the highest quality in products with highly paid specialists on hand to assist the customers and provide the largest selection (i.e. 16 different varieties of apples are stocked) all at one location. Other revenue sources for Kudler ...view middle of the document...

This short fall in talent, capability, development, and values is a significant factor in the weakening of leadership capacity in many organizations (Weiss, 2005). Kathy is the top executive of the company and should be responsible for all top-level decisions. Kathy’s responsibility is to communicate the vision, establish the corporate values, promote the corporate ethics, and transform the way the company does business. This vision can be realized by forgoing the middle management and supervisory responsibilities and working with an experienced management company in developing an automated purchasing system, delegating human resource tasks, and trusting the team.
Being an effective leader in today’s rapidly changing world, however, requires a balancing act that includes: relating skillfully to the managers and workers inside the organization, taking full advantage of the external environment and relating skillfully to people outside the organization who are in a position to influence its success, influencing and shaping all aspects of present operations of the organization, and anticipating the future (Nanus, 1993). A visionary leader is one whom can put action behind words; the vision that is created must be specific, must be measurable, must state specific goals, and must enroll the actions of others. Kudler must work with suppliers and develop a just in time purchasing system to eliminate the high turnover rate of the perishable goods. In addition, Kathy can create a turnover metric and review on a daily basis to ensure that the turnover rate does not go over the 12% current rate. Finally, the trend analysis of all purchases should be performed on a daily basis by purchasing manager not Kathy.
Competition on the internet is intense, therefore, developing and implementing the proper e-commerce online store is critical. Because the fear of change and lack of know how, many executives and entrepreneurs refrain from engaging their companies in e-commerce initiatives (Cohan, 2000). An online store will create an additional marketing tool, enhance the one stop shopping vision, and provide additional revenue. Thus, the key to survival is a “blended strategy.” Retailers, both online and traditional, must adapt to the...

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