Kid Z Own After School Program Essay

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Part One

1) The placement organization is called Yorkwoods Community Church (Salvation Army) Kid-Z-Own After School Program.
Address: 20 Yorkwoods Gate North York, Ontario
Phone: ext 107
2) The organization mandate and anti-discrimination policies are infused with the mission statement of the Kid-Z-Own program found in the official Kid-Z-Own After School Program Manual for Volunteers and Placement Students (2013):
“Through the demonstration of God’s love, kid-z-own serves children, youth and parents by providing safe, affordable places for kids after school where they can develop to their fullest potential. The program is offered to all children regardless of race, colour, ...view middle of the document...

4) The Kid-Z-Own program primarily focuses on the creating activities for children to “counteract” issues regarding low self-esteem while also “encouraging growth in the children socially, academically, physically and spiritually.” (Kid-z-own placement student/volunteer manual, pg 5, 2013) We provide children with homework help, assistance and practice with reading, learning life and computer skills; allowing expression through arts, crafts, sports and recreation. We also provide the children with meals after school during our “snack time.” Most of the children may have avoided eating their lunches or may not have been provided with any so we make sure to give them healthy meals in order to hold the children off until home time.
My placement also requires that placement students assist in the Food Bank sector which provides food and clothing to clients of the local community. Though we have yet to work in that section of our placement as that will be more towards possibly January or December based on the Christmas food drive demand.

5) See attached flow chart.

Yorkwoods Community Church (Organizational Chart)

6) The partnerships involved with the Kid-Z-Own program are quick limited except for Youth unlimited and various churches work to help to run the summer day camps in March. As well the food used during snack time is provided by the food bank within the Salvation Army. However, majority of resources or partnerships are based off of internal connections(the salvation army working in accordance with other salvation army locations to make sure everything is done within itself) Nothing is done directly outside of the salvation army., including the Kid-Z-Own program.
7) In terms of funding, majority of funding is provided through private donations and applications for grants, though private funding is their main source of income.

Part Two
Overall Description of two Functions of the Program
The Kid-Z-Own program runs off of two functions: homework and circle time in regards to the children. In terms of homework time, we as the placement students are seen as younger role models for the kids to look up to and reach out for guidance to understand their assignments. At this point, we are no longer placement students but are now mentors who are attempting to build a trusting relationship with the children while making sure their needs are being met. As the Kid-z-own placement student/volunteer manual states there are four ideologies that go into mentor relationships. The first states that “we are someone outside the children’s immediate family with whom they can identify and to whom they can talk to” (Kid-z-own placement student/volunteer manual, pg 8, 2013). The children view us as reliable yet strict leaders who they can and should confide their issues, concerns, wishes and overall thoughts and ideas to. I am always encouraged as a leader to be caring and open to the children. The more receptive I...

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