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Kids Fitness Essay

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Kids Fitness: Considerations in Program Design and Motivation
There are two sets of children in this world: the kids that are active and hyperactive, then there are the children who sit inside watching television all day. The difference between the two – other than their activity level – is probably their weight and health. Especially at such a young age, a child’s health is the most important aspect that you must take into consideration. The simplest and easiest way of keeping a child healthy is by keeping them active. At the same time, various factors prevent the child from being active. For example watching television as mentioned above. The child needs the proper program design and ...view middle of the document...

The little techniques they use in both hopscotch and tag will be helpful in their future when playing team sports.
Second, there is the endurance level in kids. Just like the techniques that you use in sports, the endurance level in sports is just as important. Your improvement in endurance level depends on the design of the performance. In relation to kids sports, endurance sports involve running, swimming and also biking. These different sports allow your heart to keep pumping. The design needs to be able to overload your circulatory system and challenge the oxidative capacity of your working lungs. In this case, design is related to the sport they are playing. In swimming, exercises such as front crawl and back crawl are endurance-inspired sports. In activities such as running, quick games like sand man and tag help kids build up their endurance. The design must also be accurate referring to the sport or activity. The activity should last for more than five minutes. Most of these activities are known to be working the aerobic system. This means that, each sport or activity is targeting mainly your lungs – you must use a lot of oxygen. The intake of oxygen through your lungs will not only allow you to keep going but also allows your heart to pump blood constantly. This constant flow of blood keeps the child healthy. Not only will it help the child benefit in cardio but also in reference to weight. Children worldwide are suffering from child obesity from their lack of activity. As they sit in front of a television screen and/or a computer screen, it decreases the amount of physical activity that is needed throughout a child’s life. Simple games such as Frisbee and tag will not only help them benefit in their weight but will also allow the children to have fun.
Lastly, motivation helps improve the amount of effort that the children put into the sport or activity. Many children at the youngest age of four are sent to either Junior Soccer leagues or Baseball leagues. The...

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