Kinder International Quality Management Profile

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Kinder International Healthcare Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

KIHC Service Provision in Management Consultancy NABH accreditation consultancy Develop SOPs, Policies, manuals etc. Organization assessment audit Business process re-engineering Operational and Retainer Management Consulting Hospital Setting up - Women and Children Care o Conceptualization o Designing and Implementation o Staff Recruitment o Commissioning Kinder IVF o Centre design and setting up o Kinder IVF Protocols o Staff Recruitment o Quality Management

NABH accreditation consultancy We are continually seeking ways of improving our services to our valued customers in all business processes by expanding our overall service and ...view middle of the document...

Provide assistance to form different committees within the hospital as per the standards. Plan training program for various staff, training key trainers identified by the hospital and ensure continual monitoring post training. Monitoring during implementation phase. Liaise with Certification body.

Our edge and commitment Delivery within prescheduled time frame. Full day presence of kinder staff in the client hospital*. Monitoring of the kinder staff by the top level of kinder management. Collection of Weekly feedback from client. Direct involvement of KIHC senior management. Close monitoring of entire activity by kinder management and personal visit of GM once in every week in the client hospital. Payment only after satisfactory submission of the deliverables / feedback. On site direct intervention and assistance to prepare the required documents compliances with the NABH standards. We understand clients need and value of time: We work on strict time frame without compromise the quality.

KIHC Executive team KIHC is build up with a team of highly experienced rich knowledgeable members. The experience covers more than 6 states in all region of this country and assisted more than 10 hospitals in their various quality accreditation processes.

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Dr. V. K. Pradeepkumar -Singapore
Chief Executive Officer: Kinder Medical Group Chairman: Kinder International Healthcare Consultancy Ltd Chairman: Kinder Women’s Hospital & Fertility Centre Neonatologist by profession, he is one of the founding directors of the group

Dr. Ravin Selvadurai -Singapore
Chief Operating Officer: Kinder Medical Group Director: Kinder International Healthcare Consultancy Ltd Director: Kinder Women’s Hospital & Fertility Centre Neonatologist by profession, he is also one of the founding directors of the group

Mr. Mannix Pangilinan -Singapore
Business Development Manager: Kinder Medical Group A hardcore marketing professional heading the marketing activities of the group

Mr. Praveen Kumar A - Singapore & India
Chief Executive Officer: Kinder International Healthcare Consultancy Ltd Managing Director: Kinder Women’s Hospital & Fertility Centre Engineer with PG in hospital administration; has been in various corporate healthcare houses in India heading operations; NABH and JCI Auditor and...

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