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King Arthur Essay

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King Alfred the Great
It is truly a fact that cannot be repudiated that America gets her greatness which is deeply woven in the history of Great Britain, particularly in her culture, language, law, the essence of liberty, right to free speech, and our individual rights as free men. These items can be traced back to the development of Anglo-Saxon Christian Provinces of Old England that have slowly progressed over the years in our own land of the Free and the Brave. Let us take a journey back to yesteryear to a time that one would say it only appears as a speck of light on the horizon. With this essence we see that most of what we have today is because of the monarch known as Alfred the ...view middle of the document...

King Alfred was known for his brilliant military mind and this is well noted when his brother Ethelred who was king wanted to finish mass before going into battle, Alfred immediately called the men of Wessex to arms and marched into battle. When Alfred’s brother finally reached the battlefield the army under Alfred was on their way to victory. It was because of Alfred’s quick thinking and leadership why they were victorious (Abels, 1998). Alfred is also known as the Father of the British Navy because he saw the need for a naval force to assist the Army on land (Abels, 1998, pp 305-307). Alfred successfully negotiated peace for 5 years and when the treaty expired the attacks began again. Alfred and few of his men escaped and stayed remote until reinforcements could arrive. With a full complement of men and arms they were able to drive the Vikings once again form their homeland. At this juncture King Alfred was comfortable that his nation was secure enough that he undertook a brilliant move by attacking and seizing London from the Vikings and arranged a treaty to secure southern and western parts of England (Keynes, 1998 p.24).
In order to provide security for the nation King Alfred knew that a permanent army was needed so he devised and implemented a scheme within the kingdom to do this. Alfred’s plan was to split the army into two parts, the first was a militia detailed to provide security for the farms and villages and the second part was the conventional army responsible for fighting foreign armies (Abel, 1998). He also built walls and strongholds around villages and towns these were manned by the militia (Abels, p. 203). Lastly, in his strategies to defend his nation he implemented the first navy for England, for which is now known as the Father of the English Navy. He helped with the design of the ships and also helped with the selection and training of those men who were to become sailors.
During Alfred’s reign he began rebuilding the monasteries, churches, and helped with the selection of men who would become members of the clergy. As a youngster Alfred was sent to Rome to be confirmed by the Pope and it was here that he began to translate works from Latin into Anglo-Saxon which led to his aspiration to see all of his subjects have the ability to read (Asser, 1983). Alfred had a deep sense of religion which he only strengthened with his time in Rome with the Church Leaders. He sought funding to build Churches some of which can be still be seen in Winchester notably Winchester Cathedral. Alfred found ways of bring foreign monks and clergy to staff the new churches and abbeys being built because there was little interest form the local citizens. A part of his campaign to help rebuild and reform the church he began to appoint devout men like himself to become priests, bishops and cardinals who were loyal to the church but also to king and country. Alfred helped by translating the works of Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care and passed...

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