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King Dee's Cell Phone Recommendation Report

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Task 2: Research the cost, uses, and features of the top selling Android and choose one to be considered as a finalist for the company phone.
The HTC ONE and Samsung Galaxy 5 are two popular android phones this year. The Samsung Galaxy 5 is an upgraded version from the Samsung Galaxy clan. The phone cost is $200 with a 2 year business to business contract with any cell phone provider and without a contract the phone is worth $649. The phone has a 5.1 inch display of 1080 pixels; it also has 16 or 36 GB of storage and extra internal storage. Samsung has also upgraded the camera to 16 megapixels and a new flash technology. There are also new Samsung applications to explore, and features like a ...view middle of the document...

For task 3, we got most of our information from Windows phones for dummies. The Nokia Lumia’s which has developed different type of brands, the top two phones that have been a success are the Nokia Lumia 520 and 1020 was study as an option for the company phone. The popularity between these two phones has had excellent reviews over the years and they continue to amaze buyers.
The Nokia Lumia 520 has elite digital lenses, a 1GHz dual core processor, and a touch screen that accommodates with long finger nails or gloves. Another good feature is the phone allows you to make mixes offline and listen to music when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi or share them with friends through social networks, email or text messages. ("Lumia 900 Mobile Phone Black", 2014)
If you need a phone that helps you connect to Microsoft Office and it will help you install all of the office software to your phone.. The latest price of this phone is $59.00 which is a good if you are trying to save.
The newest Nokia Lumia phone is the Lumia 1020. This phone is really good for someone who is into photography and cameras and who likes to screenshot notes instead of writing notes. The Lumia 1020 features a tiny 6-element lens and 41MP sensor for DSLR-quality photos. It has PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization and HD video captures the best of sight and sound. Also, this phone is excellent for companies who need to post internships because they automatically have an app for it. The Lumia 1020 has an application that has research and you can share information with connections about today’s best internship postings. The cost of this phone is $609.99 but the 2 year contract price is $99.99.
The best Window’s phone overall would be the Lumia 520 because of the phone’s quality and the ability to access Window’s Microsoft office package, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel. These features are very important for company purposes just in case an employee is not...

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