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Kissed By Poverty Essay

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In 1990 my family and I left Kuwait on our vacation to the United States. This vacation was anything but normal. On August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and consequently we were not able to return. We soon found out that our home was in ruins, and everything was lost. I was seven years old when my family and I realized that the United States was to be our new home. The start of our new lives began in St. Louis, Missouri. At this time all I could think about was how my once prominently wealthy family was no more. My father and mother were out of work, my sisters and I couldn't go back to our friends and schools, and our lives had taken a complete twist. I thought about how I would ...view middle of the document...

Seeing their success made me eager to follow in their footsteps.

For the most part the nine years I spent in Missouri were happy and joyful. I was molded to be a successful student and friend. I gained the friendship of my peers and the admiration of my teachers, many to whom I still keep a close contact with.

Two years ago I faced a similar challenge when my parents and I moved to California. This time I was prepared for what lay ahead. Of the ten years I spent in the United States I believe these last two have been the most productive. With my good attitude I was able to make many new friends. This was not the most important thing involved with my move to California. Realizing that higher education is the key to success was my greatest achievement. I truly began to see the difference between the student I was at the start of high school, and the student I am now. While attending Monterey High School I was accepted into the M.A.O.S. program. This program targets selected students and offers a more challenging curriculum in English, math, and science courses. I was twice nominated for Who's Who Among American High...

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