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Knowing Your Audience Essay

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Knowing Your Audience
Jennifer Bankston
April 15, 2013
Jamey Pippert

If you are a company who deals with dangerous work on a daily basis, you need to know who you are dealing with at all times. It is important to know what kind of audience your workers families would be and what kind of audience your actual employees are. When disaster strikes in a company, there are many measures that need to be taken.
When the Chilean copper mine collapse occurred, there was a lot to take into consideration. The collapse happened on Thursday, August 5, 2010. A collapse caused a cave-in in the mine and trapped 33 of its workers 2,300 feet underground (Weik, J. 2010, August 6). A crisis of ...view middle of the document...

The employees need to know that everything is being done to rescue the trapped miners so the other people of the company feel safe and secure in their own jobs.
The families of the trapped miners would need to be notified as soon as there was enough information to give out. There would need to be a plan of rescue set in place before loved ones knew what was going on. Telling a loved one that their husband or father or brother is trapped thousands of feet underground is a difficult task and needs to be done as carefully as possible. In this situation, the crisis at hand is very delicate because when the miners were trapped no one knew for awhile whether or not the men had survived. The boss of the company along with other people of that operating crew would need to bring in the closest relatives of the men trapped and tell them face-to-face. The families are going to be pained and have many questions they would like to eagerly get answered.
In a crisis event, you would not want to use communication to employees and family members via email, phone, text, or word of mouth. The parties involved need to be told face-to-face because of how delicate the situation is (Ulmer, R). The idea of someone close to you dying at their daily job is sickening and does not want to be thought of. But the truth of the matter is that it’s reality. The employees and families need to feel a sense of security that can only be felt through a proper channel of communication.
There are a couple things to follow up on after relaying a message such as the coal mining incident. You want to make sure that the families are still coping well with the situation and that you keep them up to date on whatever is happening as far as the rescue mission. If the company hears any good news pertaining to the rescue mission it needs to be relayed to the loved ones right away to help ease their minds. This also goes for the employees of the company as well. The employees are just as concerned about their fellow co-workers and need reassurance to continue doing the best job they can do. Negative information needs to be contained for as long as possible so that it does not stir unnecessary drama in an already dramatic instance.
It is the boss’s role to make sure everyone is coping well and to make sure that the rescue crew is doing everything in their power to get the team out safe. It is the employee’s job to keep everything to there selves and not let false information leak out to the media. It is the family’s role to keep their loved ones feeling safe and secure by sending messages to them if possible and staying calm.

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