Knowledge And Individual Power Essay

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Knowledge and Individual Power
Knowledge is power, but many are reluctant to learn from others, or for themselves, as a result of their environment or upbringing. Knowledge is achievable by everyone, even the mentally handicapped, and is only limited by the desire of the individual. Power gained from knowledge is only attainable if one chooses to use the knowledge they have gained. The computer revolution, and in particular the internet, has made attaining knowledge much easier over the last few decades, but has also aided in the laziness of many to attain knowledge due to the myriad of distractions it also provided.
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Parental guidance is most revered in children at an early age before peer pressure drives many of their decisions later in life and Alexie describes his passion for reading as “lucky” while he could have fallen into the same trap as previous generations of Indian children if not for his upbringing.
Knowledge is not expressly gained through reading, it can also be gained through experiences. In Raymond Carver’s fictional story “Cathedral” (James, 494) he writes about a Husband’s bigotry towards his wife’s male friend who is blind and coming to visit them after his wife died. The husband had many preconceived connotations of the blind from movies he had seen, including them walking slowly and using a Seeing Eye dog. When first meeting the blind man, Robert, the husband had little to say not knowing how to interact with a blind person. He did notice that Robert didn’t use a cane or wear dark glasses, although he wished he had due to the blind man’s eyes wandering around which he deemed “creepy”. The husband and his wife bantered with Robert while drinking whiskey and the husband first gained admiration for Robert when he saw how easily the blind man used utensils while eating dinner. Afterwards, the wife fell asleep, leaving the two men to watch TV and talk. A show about cathedrals was on TV and the husband asked Robert if he knew what a cathedral was. Robert reiterated what he had just heard the announcer on TV discuss, but still hadn’t a good idea and asked the husband if he would describe it. The husband did his best to describe the cathedral, massive, built of stone, but felt his description was inadequate. Robert suggested he get some heavy...

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