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Knowledge Management Essay

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Apple Inc
Name: Truong Hai My Nguyen
ID Number: B00575936
Date: 02/08/2013
Report : 2

Need Assessment:
Although Apple Inc is a successful company in the computer industry, it has been facing communication problems between employees, between low-level sales and administration in particular. Apple Inc has a high level of security, it seems to be a good thing because it helps the organization protect the ideas of productions from their competitors. Unfortunately, no one notices that an extremely high security also minimizes the communication between the entire organizations. ...view middle of the document...

There are many ways to communicate such as through paper, face-to-face, training programs and so on. Apple has a training program called “Pathway”, which focuses on core training which includes customer interaction, store features, and Apple products (Ziberg, 2012). However, Apple needs to have more meetings between superiors and store employees so the employees have a chance to share their ideas or show when they deserve to be promoted.
1.1 Effective communication within Apple employees
1.1.1 Apple middle manager who can communicate between top-level positions and low-level positions not only guaranteeing to keep new ideas a secret but also is a guide for the employees to solve problems
1.1.2 Separate administration level from production and provide a human resources group to deal with the CEO and store employees. It helps the organization make decisions regarding individual stores and employees’ performance
1.1.3 Each department in the retail stores will have a team leader, who will report performance of team members to supervisors.
1.1.4 Supervisors deliver a clear vision and knowledge of the organization to the employees. The tacit knowledge of first line manager in the organization needs to be fully delivered to their employees.
1.1.5 Tacit knowledge, that includes vision, goals, experiences and skills, need to be made explicit; so employees can use it as a guide
1.1.6 Share ideas between employees and give honest feedback to the managers or the organization.
1.1.7 Goal: The entire organization gives a hand to break the barriers of communication due to the extremely high security of Apple in order to work more efficiently and create connections between low-level...

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