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The Kodak brand has always ranked among the top in the world by name recognition and quality. Eastman Kodak has built its brand loyalty since 1888 when George Eastman produced the first camera that simplified the complex process of photography and made it available to everyone. Since then, Kodak has pioneered many new products to numerous markets for a multitude of reasons: pleasure, business, medical, scientific, and entertainment. In the early years of 2000, Kodak was faced with a huge challenge as their main driver of revenue, film camera and processing was losing popularity. Technology was driving the trend to go digital and Kodak's film business was clearly in jeopardy. Kodak shifted ...view middle of the document...

g. camera, printer, and software.- A deep almost intuitive feel that grows from more than a century in the image business of what really is the heart of the consumer need. It is not solely a digital camera, or solely a printer, or a computer. It is the desire of the consumer to record an image of value, and relive that moment. Kodak has known this core consumer need for more than a century.Weaknesses- Shift to digital photography will decrease revenues of film and film developing as consumers can now save and share pictures electronicallyOpportunities- An emerging market of digital camera users eager to purchase an intuitive and easy-to-use camera- Potential market growth in a newer area for Kodak, online digital processing- They can expect increased global growth in areas where they are already first in market share, e.g. Australia, Argentine, Peru and Chile.Threats- Other camera manufacturers competing in the Infoimaging industry bringing hi-tech digital cameras to market- An economy in a downward trend during to external factorsThe technological environment is developing newer, faster, and better products. This includes the digital photography technology. The technological environment was and is a "rising tide" macro trend that made the Kodak move into the digital photography market a very attractive strategy for growth.Info imagingKodak uses technology to be a leader in the infoimaging industry and this has changed the way people and businesses communicate. Infoimaging is a new industry that uses images and technology to provide a tool for new revenue and market growth through three areas: devices, infrastructure, and services/media. Kodak has developed and progressed in this digital arena to increase their revenues and market share. The EasyShare system relates to each of the...

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