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Stephanie Zambrano 01:195:331 9 October 2008 Professor Walker All By Myself- “_Kokoro__”_ It is true that K suffered a tremendous amount of heartache and perhaps Sensei is now cognizant of the fact that perhaps death is his only solution. Death serves as an escape from everyday realities. Senseitotally and completely isolates himself from the rest of the world. When his mother-in ' law- Okusan becomes ill, he says that he finally becomes useful. Nevertheless, Okusan passes away, leaving her Ojosanalone with no real family. Sensei still moves closer and closer towards death. Perhaps there is a certain peacefulness that Sensei hopes to find in death that he could not find in life. “You may wonder why I reached ...view middle of the document...

Readers recognize the futility of life and the helplessness and vulnerability of man. “Kokoro” is a powerful narrative that explores the depths of self-identity, friendship, and isolation. We may say that in KOKORO, Soseki wrote about the different shades of friendship that exist between people and asks if it is really possible to have a true friend. The corollary is then, are we not all alone ? Are not friendship and love cosmetics to cover basic loneliness ? People speak of sacrifice, but more often than not, they sacrifice not themselves, but others, at the shrine of their own desolation. These are universal themes and so KOKORO is an interesting novel which I recently re-read. If you are looking for a good introduction into modern Japanese literature, this is definitely an excellent choice---mature, thought-provoking, and well-written. “Often I found myself dozing over my books, and sometimes p Kokoro is written in the first person point of view. This is a subjective point of view only giving the reader opportunity to gain insight to the narrator of the story). The first person point of view is fitting for Kokoro, as Soseki is recounting events in his life and therefore cannot speak for anyone else but himself. Soseki tells the story of how he came to meet and befriend Sensei, a man he believes can teach him about life. In Part III, the perspective of the story changes from Soseki to Sensei as, through his letter, Sensei finally tells Soseki the story of his life. The story is told in a balance of narrative and dialogue. This is an effective method, allowing the reader to follow the narrator's thoughts surrounding the characters'.....

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