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I'll admit this now. I absolutely adore Kristen Stewart. I think she's one of the most uniquely beautiful woman in the world, with so much more about her, then Twilight. I unfortunately hadn't been able to get a copy of Speak, I couldn't seem to be able to find it anywhere. Thanks to an online movie watching site, I managed to find this gem. I can honestly say, Speak is a film, that toyed with my emotions, like no other film has done in some time. This is very much like my high school was. Full of bullying, teasing, and people hurting others. And it made me feel ashamed of myself, because I actually teased a couple people, like a couple of the characters did here to Melinda. The concept of the story is very simple, yet done so effectively. The film weighs heavily on Kristen Stewart's shoulders, and for her age, that's a ...view middle of the document...

This is an apparently made for T.V movie. I can honestly say I have never, ever seen such an amazingly effective, t.v movie like this one. It's so polished ,and handled so well, it feels like the real deal. I don't wanna say much more, other then I suggest you check this one out for yourself. If you hated Kristen due to all her Twilight exposure, and feel she can't act, I suggest you pay this movie a visit. It will make you think twice about her talent, I assure you.

Performances. Kristen Stewart is Oscar worthy here in my opinion. She has all the right emotional tunes, down to a T. We go through every emotion she is going through, every little bit of pain she suffers, we honestly feel. For a kid her age at this time, it's truly an extraordinary performance she gave, and the likability she is able to produce is astonishing, it truly is. Performances don't get much better then the one Kristen gives us, as Melinda. Michael Angarano is pretty good as the outspoken friend. He isn't on screen as much as you may think, but he has a very important character. Eric Lively is a real sleaze ball as Andy. When you see what he does in the flashback scenes, you'll hate him instantly. He was excellent. Elizabeth Perkins is one of the most underrated character actresses out there. She plays a caring, yet naive mother, but was likable all the same. Steve Zahn plays a neat role as Mr.Freeman. He's one of the few people who actually gave a damn, about Melinda. Allison Siko is annoying as Heather. Her constant ditsy, drivel, will grate you.

Bottom Line. Speak is an Unheralded masterpiece. It's a great detailed look about what a lot of High School's, are honestly like. It will drain your emotions, and it's pretty hard to watch at points. But Overall Speak is worth the entire experience, and It's simply one of the best movies I have ever seen.


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