Kudler Accounting System Paper

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Kudler Accounting System Paper
March 12, 2012
Gregory Walker

Kudler Accounting System Paper
Kudler Fine Foods is a company with great potential and when looking at the potential of this company we must look at growth. Growth cannot happen without some changes throughout the company. These changes are primarily in its current accounting system or the lack thereof. When looking at purchasing an Information System for your business there are many things to consider. One of those things being a system that is flexible because this will ensure a design that will function well with your current business procedures and those to come. I believe that a way to do everything that ...view middle of the document...

This information is automatically generated daily as part of the system in correlation with the point of service component (POS). This component will require two new servers along with firewall component system.

Point of Service Component
The second component of this system is the point of service (POS). This component is mainly used at the retail store or location level. What this component does is capture all the retail sales by employee, store location or store number, item number, price, and sales tax by state when applicable. Once this information is captured it is then sent to the other existing components of the system. Since the majority of Kudler’s sales are debits or credit the system will automatically process these transactions accordingly while simultaneously updating all the other components of the current transaction along with what actions to take. This component will require new cash registers along with a new server at each location.

Accounts Payable and Receivables Component
The third component recommended is the accounts payable and receivables. This component will handle the business accounting needs. With this component the accounting department can look up or track vendor information, process purchase orders along with international supplier’s addresses and allocating freights. In addition it can print checks while calculating the appropriate tax. This component has two sub-components that can also handle the internal parts of the company as well such as the purchasing and payroll needs. This component will require a new server along with a firewall component system.
Purchasing Sub-Component
The purchasing sub-component is essential to maintaining constant check of inventory and to allow the constant flow for restock of items. Retail locations send out data that is received at the end of each day to determine whether or not a purchased order should be prepared or resubmitted due to back order. After the purchased order has met certain criteria it will then be marked accordingly.
Payroll Sub-Component
The payroll sub-component uses a card swipe and number code to ensure accurate employee punch in and out times. This part of the system makes sure that the employee is present and not being punched in by another employee thus cutting down on inaccurate time readouts. Employee information has been setup in order to calculate the proper deductions, compensation, and direct deposit information for all accounting purposes. At the end of each week all employee hours are taken from each terminal then processed and loaded into the payroll sub-component. The end result is a more accurate way to handle and process employee...

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