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Kudler Fine Foods – Analyze Hr System

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Kudler Fine Foods – Analyze HR System
University of Phoenix Online
Loyd Linde
December 20, 2010

Kudler Fine Foods – Analyze HR System
In order to improve the human resource system at Kudler Fine Foods the SDLC process will need to be observed. The first steps in that process requires the information gathering of the current system and ideas for how the new system should be structured. Through this information gathering the scope and feasibility of the system will be determined. The initial new system ideas will be developed and documented. Throughout this process key decisions will need to be made on what the new system should be and through the correct use of the SDLC ...view middle of the document...

Questionnaires are used to gather information from lower level employees whose interaction is limited and scheduling interviews would be difficult. Questions are closed-ended questions with a section at the end to add any additional comments. Questionnaires are used because “Questionnaires are an inexpensive way to gather data from a potentially large number of respondents. Often they are the only feasible way to reach a number of reviewers large enough to allow statistically analysis of the results” (“Questionnaire Design”). With three different sites and a supporting staff at each site this is the only economic way of gaining knowledge from this employee base. The questionnaires are designed to quantify the current system versus conducted interviews and measure the risks of changes proposed by the organization.
Document review will be done to confirm gathered information and determine if any missing, incorrect or conflicting information is gathered. Documents from the as-is system are carefully examined against what the current system does have in place. What documentation that is available maybe out dated, sparse or incorrect. “Unfortunately, most systems are not well documented, because project teams fail to document their projects along the way, and when the projects are over, there is no time to go back and document” (Dennis, Wixom and Roth 2009). Therefore, a reliance on interviews and questionnaires will be the main focus on information gathering.
As a final step to the information gathering process a JAD (Joint Application Design) session(s) are scheduled and the session length is determined by the analyzing of the data gathered so far in the process. This will produce a final requirements document and ensure the project team is in agreement and that the system will adequately fulfill its intended purpose. JAD session(s) will allow all necessary parties to present, discuss and decide on the final requirements and the planned techniques to assemble the new system with.
In order to have a successful JAD session(s) we need to “Know who the project sponsor is. This is usually where the buck stops. The project sponsor is the one person who deems this project a success or failure” (“How to Set Up a JAD Session”). By having the proper backing of a senior management representative we can ensure that the JAD session(s) will be a success. JAD session(s) will cost the company money and conflict resolution needs to be assured. By a clear understanding that the business wants this to succeed we will set the correct example for the members of the team and ensure that the correct decisions for a successful project are achieved.
Design Methods
Once the information gathering has started on the current system the design of the new system is started. To relate to what the new system will look and function like a few techniques maybe employed. A utilization of both Data flow diagrams and mock up prototypes of the system is developed. This will...

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