Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

The Kudler Fine Foods frequent shopper program has many potential problems concerning legal, ethical, and information security issues. These problems should be addressed and an action plan put in place to try and limit the damage caused should they occur.
One of the most important issues would be the legal aspects that Kudler Fine Foods will need to address. Many of the legal aspects can be taken care of from an information security stand point as well which will be discussed later in this paper. Kudler Fine Foods will need to make sure that every frequent shopper that is a member has read and accepted the terms of the frequent shopper ...view middle of the document...

Some of the ethical concerns that Kudler Fine Foods will be faced with will include how much and what kind of information that they share with third party companies. Sharing our customers buying habits, geographical location, and providing them with demographic information to send gifts to could be great for our customers. However, if these third party companies use this information to send our customers mass mailers, spam email, or to call and disturb them at home then Kudler Fine Foods could be alienating its customers and should look at the morality of disturbing our customers lives with unwanted solicitation. The third party companies that Kudler Fine Foods shares information with could also sell this information with their own third party companies that could use the information for even more unwanted solicitation and before anyone knows what is happening our customers are being harassed night and day by people trying to get them to purchase or try their product. This could cause the frequent shopper program to quickly become a failure and for Kudler Fine Foods to lose consumer confidence. This loss of confidence in Kudler Fine Foods could lead to large financial losses.
Information security is the most important way to prevent many of the legal and ethical issues from happening to Kudler Fine Foods. Requiring each employee to login to the system for access and for each login to be audit can help Kudler Fine Foods to prevent employees from committing id theft. Other ways to help our employees to understand the importance of our customer’s data is to setup a plan to educate our employees on the proper use of the system and the potential effects of unauthorized access or use of customer data. Other types of policies that need to be in effect include: no outside email access, encrypted delivery of data to third party companies, and security audits by the I.T. staff. The use of a firewall and system to create and audit logins can help solve these three issues. The right type of firewall can deny access to...

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