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Kudler Fine Foods Resources Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources Analysis
Mary Lewis
BSA 502
August 6, 2012
Vanessa Johnson

Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources Analysis
After reviewing Kudler Fine Foods Human Resource HRIS web page there are a number of areas that can be benefitted by implementing an automated system to assist in centralizing employee records and related HR information, time tracking and timesheet submittal, and tracking applicants. IT is being leveraged by HR departments to benefit almost every aspect of day-to-day operations. With HR technology constantly improving and costs continuing to decline in many instances, it is inevitable that implementation of these applications will continue to rise.
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One particular area that has been highlighted is the increasing deployment of self-service components built into HR technology systems. Employee self-service is giving employees access to details about their payroll and pension information from any web-based location along with the ability to change information. Self-service for job-related functions allows employees to see what jobs are on offer and can be extended to external applicants who can identify open positions and send in their CV online. The CVs are then forwarded to a centralized pool for the recruiters to evaluate.
Elsewhere, software is being deployed to manage areas such as internal mobility, appraisal management, succession planning, package review and personal development. E-recruitment and performance management software are also helping to dramatically improve HR’s ability to carry out effective people relationship management (PRM), and improve their organization’s employer brand. PRM allows organizations to form one-to-one relationships with potential and current employees, enabling companies to better attract, develop and retain the right people and realize their full potential. With such solutions, organizations are able to treat their candidates and employees as they would treat their customers. It also enables them to move away from subjective people management to objective and efficient people management to the great benefit of the employee/candidate.
Companies such as HR Technology Partners provide software that will save an organization time, provide security and structure to employee information, improve function and inevitably lowering costs. HRTP can help Kudler select and integrate HR Software for: reducing time preparing time sheets, improve workforce management, minimize payroll and benefit errors, and track and manage labor expense. HRTP represents the leading Time and Attendance software applications on the market today. Implementing one streamlined process with less paperwork and fewer errors allows for automated bidirectional data transfers through one platform access, lower administrative overhead and simplified reporting processes, and tangible, measurable improvements in efficiency of...

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