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Kudler Fine Foods Service Request Essay

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Kudler Fine Foods Service Request SR-KF-013
Sharon Torrez
February 18, 2013
Jeffrey Doolin


Kudler Fine Foods is a local upscale specialty gourmet food shop with three locations (La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas), which have expressed interests in developing a system to track the consumer purchase habits through a Frequent Shopper Program. This program will award loyalty points for redemption such as high-end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods. This program will track purchase behavior patterns to assist Kudler to refine the process of satisfying the customer by rewarding loyalty point’s available through partnerships with other ...view middle of the document...

The Frequent Shopper Program will show a history of individual customer’s purchases and tracking the company’s inventory. There are several factors to consider when developing new programs such as legal considerations, ethical considerations, and information security concerns for both Kudler Fine Foods and the customer.
Legal Consideration
Kudler Fine Foods has to follow certain rules and regulations established by the government of E-Commerce. The common legal issues in software development for businesses are “contracts and litigation, employment-related issues, regulatory issues, and various issues dealing with ownership of intellectual property,” (The Law Offices of Katharina Martinka, 2012, P. 1). The E-Commerce has several rules and regulations to consider but there are red flags that effect companies and consumers such as identity theft, safeguarding data, regulatory compliances, and these red flags dealing with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACT) law on December 4, 2003, (ECT News Network, 1998-2013).
Identity Theft
FACT deals with identity theft and the protection of the customer and business data. FACT also provides as follows:
* Identify theft prevention and credit history restoration
* Fraud alerts, truncation of credit and debit card numbers
* Identification of possible identity theft (Red Flag Rule)
FACT helps business organization and consumers from protecting from cyber intrusion of identity theft while using the terms and condition of shopping online or any retail store.
Ownership of intellectual property
Intellectual property deals with original work and the release for that business use with keeping the rights relating to Raman (June 2004):
* “Trademark, service marks, and commercial names and designation
* Protection against unfair competition, and other rights relating to intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary, or artistic fields
* Scientific discoveries,” (Para. 5).
Ethical Consideration
In addition to legal consideration, there are a number of ethical considerations that Kudler
Fine Foods Stores will include in their Frequent Shopper Program as follows:
* Securing customer’s personal information
* Up-to-date security programs
* Protection payment methods
* Advertising, and misrepresentation, and ethnicity issues
The customer’s personal information needs to be protected, and this information cannot be release without customer’s authorization. Kudler Fine Foods has to be reliable for advertising and the misrepresentation of the company websites. Breeching of any kind of confidentiality of customer’s...

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